ORLA Digital Grand Piano Series 450 white polish

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    Digital Grand Piano Series

450 white polish

This instrument has been designed into a wonderful high polished Baby Grand cabinet to be the perfect instrument in a home or stage performance. It offers the typical specifications of an arranger keyboard but with the sound quality and the keyboard response of the Hammer Action keyboard of an acoustic piano.
The Grand 450 incorporates 485 orchestral sounds including of course the latest and very high quality Stereo Grand Piano sound. It also have an extensive Style Section (260 styles) covering a broad range – from traditional dance rhythms (Waltz, Fox Trot and Quick Step) to modern and contemporary beats and great Latin rhythms.
The 88 note Graded Hammer-Action keyboard, the Multi Layers sampling technology and the new Touch Sensitivity control system ensure the best control of the piano sound and the absolute authenticity of touch with the quality and the feel of a grand piano. The built in USB disk Record/Player system can be used to record musical data. It is also an excellent Standard Midi File player.


Keyboard : 88 notes graded hammer action keyboard fatar
Touch Response : 3 selectable curves, off
Controls : numeric keypad, master volume
Sounds : 485 sounds, right, dual, left, volumes
Polyphony : 64 notes max
Layer – split : layer, split
Effects : reverb: room, hall, theatre - chorus
Styles : 260 styles, 2 variations, acc..& drum volumes
Style Features : fingered, single finger, intro/ending, start/stop, auto start, fill In 1-2
Automatic Set Up : 260 style settings
Overall Presets : 20 panel memories, lock
Tuning : transpose, pitch
Demo Songs : demos
Metronome : click, 2/4, ¾, 4/4, 5/4, 6/8
Display : large back led display
Connections : L/R outputs, in/out/thru, USB midi
Headphone : headphone socket
Pedal : soft, sostenuto, sustain
Midi : 32 channels, local on/off
Amplification : 2 x 60 watts
Midi : 16 channels
USB Disk Recording : standard midi file compatible, song recording, play back, disk features
Weight : 118kg
Size : 143 (W) x 125 (D) x 90 (H) cm
Finish : black and white polish

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