Lounsberry Pedals Handwired Point-to-Point "Organ Grinder" multi stage analog FET preamp/overdrive

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    Lounsberry Pedals
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    Handwired Point-to-Point

"Organ Grinder" multi stage analog FET preamp/overdrive

This version of the Organ Grinder is point to point wired by hand, using 1950's style Fish Paper circuit boards.

"Roger Powell's Organ Grinder" was designed with, and for, Roger Powell of Fossil Poets, and Utopia. Roger describes it as the kind of "flabby" overdrive he normally can only get with a Leslie. He says it sounds "Incredible!" and is far superior to the overdrive built in to his clonewheel organ. This is the clonewheel accessory of choice for Hammond lovers! Electric piano players will love it too....

The Organ Grinder is a true bypass, multi stage overdrive that uses FETs to simulate vacuum tubes, and germanium diodes in the clipping stage. That feeds into the input stage of the final FET amp that gets FAT as it saturates.

The package is finished off with custom Steam Punk Graphics by artist, Mark Hershberger, with Gold Speed Knobs over a candy apple red powder coated enclosure.

If you play organ, electric piano, or synth, and are tired of using guitar pedals with their characteristic mid-range hump, and are looking for an overdrive with wide, flat frequency response designed specifically for keyboards, this is the pedal for you. This one can handle your bass notes.

power through 9v battery or power supply DC jack

Lounsberry Pedals Organ Grinder Demo