Lounsberry Pedals "Wurly Grinder" multi stage analog FET preamp/overdrive

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    Lounsberry Pedals

"Wurly Grinder" multi stage analog FET preamp/overdrive

The Wurly Grinder was designed to give tubelike grit and authenticity to modeled and sampled electric piano sounds.

It is a gain staged preamp with Germanium diodes.The onset of overdrive is gradual, but it adds compression and 2nd order harmonics. The lively top end adds a little sparkle.

This brother to the Organ Grinder is the electric piano Overdrive you've been waiting for. Smooth and tubelike, it was designed to make your Wurly samples sound like the real thing, your Wurlitzer 200 sound like a Wurlitzer 100, and make your Rhodes bark like a Suitcase model!

It differs from the Organ Grinder, having a tighter bottom end, better tailored for Electric Piano.

The Wurly Grinder adds a ton of character to electric piano sounds, and adds a dynamic playability that makes it feel like the real thing!

ABOUT GAIN STAGING: Discrete preamps provide gain in several stages, so that a lot of what happens to provide the right amounts of drive and compression in a preamp is determined by how many discrete stages are employed, and their levels, determining how the stages interact.

The Wurly Grinder will really beef up the sound of your electric piano. This brother of the popular Organ Grinder smoothens your Wurly or Rhodes samples as would a tube amplifier do. Dial in DRIVE and LEVEL for a new dimension in your setup.

* preamp/overdrive pedal especially for electric pianos and clonewheels
* multi stage analog FET overdrive with germanium diodes
* gain and level controls
* true bypass switch
* all metal casing with Mark Hershberger artist print
* made in USA by Greg Lounsberry
* 9V battery or DC power supply (not included)
* 300 grams
* 14x8x8cm (packaging included)

Lounsberry Wurly Grinder