With coverage of more than 6000 points of sales, The Music Alliance is currently the third largest sales network in the European continent.

The Music Alliance is a cooperation between independent distributors in musical instruments from all over Europe, sharing purchase and sales power. With their combined purchase capacity they have become an interesting party to suppliers from all over the world, and specifically Asian manufacturers. Each individual partner might merely have been able to reach up to the minimum order quantities of some of the bigger factories in China, leaving no room for cost reductions or purchase negotiations. The Music Alliance, acting on behalf of all partners involved, is a serious customer of the industries leading production facilities. Centralising purchases results in better quality, lower costs and higher availability.

The organisation is run from the head office of the Benelux branch of The Music Alliance - Benelux.
The 10.000m2 facility in Hedel, The Netherlands accomodates:

  • showrooms
  • central warehouse with intense logistics, supplying all partners weekly
  • product development team with product specialists who initiate rather than follow the market
  • marketing and sales department creating multi-language tools like catalogs and websites
  • graphic designers who create logos, packagings, manuals, product documentation, etcetera
  • photo- and videographers
  • service and repair center with two luthiers and an electro-mechanical engineer
  • datacenter for centrally maintained and fed software solutions

The sales potential of the group is best indicated by the total points of sales: more than 6000 shops served daily in curently 31 countries! That makes the TMA network the third biggest sales network on the Europe continent. A big central database feeds the software used by all partners, their websites, their sales reps and their customers. They all have insight in stock situations, price updates, new stock arriving, shipment tracing, new products, detailed product information, photos, videos, service manuals etcetera. The software is a huge asset which requires hardly any input of the partners.

The Music Alliance distributes 16.000+ products from over 200 leading brands and manufacturers in the musical products industry. Our company is the corporate owner of Boston Musical Products, Richwood, Hayman, Stewart Ellis, Korala, Gaucho, GLX, Gatt Audio, Salvador Cortez and many other brands.